Apply to Volunteer

We Offer:

  • Training
  • CPR Training, NARCAN Training
  • Uniforms Supplied
  • Vocational continuing education (Defensive Driving)
  • CME recertification
  • Tuition Reimbursement Available

Benefits and Opportunities

Ways To Apply

  • Stop by our headquarters at 30 Creamery Rd, P.O. Box 85, Johnson, NY 10933 and fill out an application.
  • Download an application below. After completing, print and mail the application to:
    Johnson Fire Department
    Attention: Fire Chief
    PO Box 85
    Johnson, NY  10933

The Johnson Volunteer Fire Department is actively recruiting new members. Help us continue to provide quality, professional service to our community.

The Johnson Volunteer Fire Department was officially established on April 27, 1942. In nearly a century of dedicated volunteer service, the fire department has evolved from a handful of country neighbors banned together to serve their small rural town to a highly trained group of volunteers responding to the emergency needs of an ever-expanding suburban community. A lot has changed since our inception, but the goals of the volunteer fire service have remained the same: to selflessly serve and protect the people and property of our community.

We respond to vehicle fires, residential and commercial fires, downed power lines, lost person searches, smoke and carbon monoxide detector alarms, flooded basements, motor vehicle accidents, injured and sick persons, and medical emergencies. As a volunteer firefighter, you will respond to these emergencies and use your training and skills to help those in need. When there is an emergency in the Johnson Fire District and our pagers are activated, all available firefighters respond to the fire station to respond with the apparatus, tools, and equipment required to provide assistance. Your selfless actions as a volunteer firefighter will help save lives and protect property.

What will I do as a volunteer firefighter?

Roles and Responsibilities

Interior Firefighter

  • Qualified to wear Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and trained to perform firefighting and rescue duties.

Exterior Firefighter

  • Trained to perform firefighting and rescue duties.

Fire Police

  • Trained to establish scene security and traffic control at incidents. Assist with firefighter rehabilitation.

Additional Qualifications

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Qualified to administer BLS care to patients experiencing medical emergencies.

Apparatus Driver

  • Qualified to drive and operate department vehicles.

Hazmat Technician & Fire Investigator

  • Support the Orange County Hazmat Team and Fire Investigation Team at incidents requiring specialized training and operations.

What is expected of me as a volunteer firefighter?

Involvement with the fire department may sometimes feel like a part-time job, but members with demanding jobs and busy personal and family schedules still find time to become valuable assets to the department. We have the expectation that all members will put forth the effort to attend training drills, respond to emergency calls, participate in community events, and attend training courses. All firefighters are an investment; our goal is to have a great return on the investment with highly trained, highly skilled, and highly motivated firefighters ready and willing to serve our community.

Our Services

Fire Suppression

Structure Fires, Chimney Fires, Vehicle Fires, Brush/Grass Fires and Rubbish Fires

Alarm Activation

Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Service calls

Gas Leaks, Downed Power Lines and Emergency Pump-Outs

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle Stabilization, Vehicle Extrication and Roadside Washdown

community service activity

Fire Prevention, Roadside Cleanup, The Annual Santa Run, community fund-raisers, Local Parades, and Memorial Day Ceremonies. Donate Scholarships to high school seniors and money to the local food pantry. Annual Breakfast with Santa at Johnson Fire House in December.

Medical Emergency

First Response Emergency Care and Lifting Assistance

Rescue Calls

Search and Rescue